Why Do You Want a Corporate Away Day?

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For some employees, heading out with the rest of the team is something that they actively look forward to; they’re excited to get out of the office and work on some fun activities with their workmates.

However, if you are planning to get your employees together and taking them out of the workplace on a corporate away day, there’s much more to it than simply choosing an event that you think your employees will enjoy. You need to think about what you want to achieve with the day away from the office, too!

Do You Want to Encourage Team Building?

Every team can benefit from team building – even the most successful of teams needs a reminder every now and then! If you are looking to enhance the teamwork that your employees engage in, it is important to select the right activities for encouraging teamwork.

Support Group

As with any group of people, there will be a variety of different personalities that you will need to factor in. You will need to select an activity – or range of activities – that suits the strengths and weaknesses of everyone in your team; generally something that can combine physical strength, creativity and problem solving, too.

More importantly, don’t choose an event just because you want to do it – think about the team as a whole and judge what will suit the group rather than just one individual.

Do You Simply Want to Blow Off Some Steam?

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – there will always be stressful days where staff feel mentally exhausted and uptight. In this scenario, it’s always a good idea to plan an away day where everyone can relax and let off some steam outside of the office.


As there’s not really any motive other than to reduce stress levels and allow your employees to have fun, it’s important to make it blatantly obvious that there’s no business-related motive behind the away day – it will put everyone mind at ease as they won’t think that they are being watched or judged on their teamwork or problem-solving skills.

Do You Want Your Employees to Get to Know Each Other Better?

It’s not uncommon for work pals to go out and socialise outside of working hours, but it’s also not a guarantee. There are people who simply don’t feel comfortable in an incredibly social environment such as a pub, so try to encourage them to get to know their co-workers by arranging an away day which encourages groups of people to get to know their workmates a little bit better.

Competition Between Man and Woman

It’s important to remember that the purpose of these types of away day are to help people work together a bit better, not to make them like each other!

Whatever the reason is for you to arrange a corporate away day, be sure to invest in enriching, fun activities rather than ones which won’t help the goals that you are wanting to achieve with your team!

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