What You Need for the Perfect Business Away Day

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Camaraderie between employees in a workspace is always encouraged; not only does it help increase the productivity of the team, it also helps keep the morale high and creates a much more pleasant atmosphere to work in.

Business away days – or team building days as they are often more commonly known – are a great way to encourage collaboration between your employees and thus increasing their work output in the long run.

Working as a team is essential in many different workplaces, so these days out can prove beneficial for a variety of different companies. As leading providers of team building in Scotland here’s what we think you need to have the perfect business team building day away!


In order for a team to work well together, good communication skills are required.

Your team will need to be able to communicate clearly with one another to take part in any team building activity. Whether it be one of our team building games such as the spiders web task, or our exciting team treasure hunts , all our activities are designed to encourage communication of all team members in order to succeed!

The environment that your team will be put in will be unfamiliar, so it’s important that all members are confident with communicating their ideas with the rest of the group in order to help them succeed, making these types of activities perfect for developing the communication skills of your whole team, including those who may feel like they are usually unable to put forward their ideas to the group in the usual working environment.


All team building events are designed to be challenging, so it’s essential that your team are able to motivate themselves enough to push through even the hardest of activities and succeed.

A lack of motivation is what affects many teams, and it’s often because of this that many businesses use our team building activities – to motivate their staff! Working completely as a team and encouraging each other is the best form or motivation, and that’s exactly what team building activities encourage.


A team who lack trust is a team who doesn’t perform well. Being able to trust the other people in your team is essential if you want to be a successful team.

Again, the majority of team building activities require a level of trust to be established within the group in order for a team to be able to succeed. If you can’t trust the people you are working in a group with, you can’t expect to be able to work closely with them in order to reach specific goal.

All our activities rely on some form of trust between the team members, and will help increase the trust that they have in each other!

We have a wide range of team building exercises available for your team to try, so if you’d like to give our activities a go and help increase the camaraderie and productivity of your employees, don’t hesitate to contact us today!