Ultimate Team Building

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Nowadays, it is important that colleagues build strong relationships outside of a work setting. This is shown through the ever-increasing demand for team building courses that help to build a resilient team ethic using constructive challenges and activities.

If you want to engage your team for your team building course, look no further than Absolutely Scotland. We can offer you the chance to bond as a unit in one of the most beautiful natural settings in the world.

Team Building at Absolutely Scotland

Our team building courses focus on developing strong team skills and self-awareness through constructive, fun activities while surrounding your team with Scotland’s outstanding natural beauty.

We offer a variety of team building courses to suit you and your group. We focus on events that not only test individual strength and stamina, but also problem-solving skills, leadership skills and the ability to work in a team, while also making sure that these activities are fun, engaging and memorable.

Our courses range from a short afternoon event to a two or three-day residential retreat, and can be modified to suit the needs of you and your employees.

A typical team building course runs as follows:

  • Briefing by event co-ordinator – the group will be given a brief overview of the day and advised of safety regulations over coffee and refreshments.
  • Begin with simple tasks to prepare your team.
  • At least one major morning task/activity.
  • Lunch provided in the comfort of our dining room.
  • Afternoon challenges and activities.
  • End of the day marked with de-briefing, awards ceremony and refreshments.

Of course, this is only a guide. Your team day can be modified to suit your exact needs and specifications.

Team Building Challenges and Activities

At Absolutely Scotland, we offer a range of different challenges and activities for our team building courses, and all are designed to test and develop a range of skills that can be easily replicated and will enhance performance in the workplace.

Our activities portfolio is designed so that you can choose something that will suit everyone in your team, and will create a joyful, fun and, most importantly, productive day.

Our team building challenges and activities include:

  • Krypton Challenge – the team must complete several quick-thinking challenges in a short time frame.
  • Sheepo – one team member must herd all others, who are blindfolded, into a ring.
  • Spider’s Web – a rope game designed to test team work and logical thinking.
  • Seige Gun – the team must construct a catapult that will propel a specific object as far as possible.
  • Elevation – designing and building a structure that can hold the whole team above the ground.
  • Giant Jenga – a fun puzzle game that tests the mind, while having some fun along the way.

These are just a few of the many team building challenges and activities that we have on offer here at Absolutely Scotland, all of which are designed to test and develop different team-related skills that will motivate and benefit your team in the long-term.

Team Building Treasure Hunts

For something less physically demanding that will get your team out into the beautiful scenery that surrounds our grounds, our team building treasure hunts will get them walking, talking and bonding.

Our treasure hunts will help your team to develop the vital skills of communication, problem solving, trust and leadership as they are afforded the task of breaking a tricky code in order to win the prize!

Each team will be provided with a map, a compass and a clue schedule; the rest is up to them! To crack the code, teams must follow a series of challenges that will test their ability to solve cryptic puzzles, as well as their mental and physical skills. The team that works well enough to make it to the end first will win the prize.

This activity will help your team grow together as a unit, as well as developing useful skills and having a lot of fun at the same time.

At Absolutely Scotland, we believe our team building courses are just what your employees need to grow stronger together. If you are interested in our outdoor activities in Scotland, please contact us today by calling 01786 359 585.