Treasure Hunts: The Thrill of Adventure

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Hidden treasure – could there ever be a more captivating prospect?

Here at Absolutely Scotland we know that when it comes to team-building, you can’t beat a good treasure hunt for bringing people together. And if you’re looking for fun, thrills, and a little adventure too, then treasure-seeking could be for you!

Not convinced? Then read on, as we take a look at some remarkable real-life treasures – that remain lost and buried. Prepare to be intrigued!



The ‘Copper’ Dead Sea Scroll

The Dead Sea Scrolls are one of the most important discoveries in the history of modern civilisation. Each of these prized pieces of parchment are priceless. But one of these manuscripts, in particular, is rather unique.

The ‘Copper Scroll ‘appears to describe a series of locations across Israel, where riches of unimaginable worth reside. But before you rush of in search of these, there’s something we should probably tell you – nobody has a clue where these places are!

And that’s not the only problem. Most of the scroll is written in ancient Hebrew and features words linguists have never even seen before. To complicate matters even further, there are a few random Greek words thrown into the mix too.

The scroll is unlikely to give up its secrets any time soon, and this mystery will more than likely keep archaeologists and treasure seekers busy for many years to come. Consequently this treasure remains very much hidden – that’s if it even exists at all! Some have suggested it may all be an elaborate hoax. But if it is, it’s a darn good one.


Forrest Fenn’s Fortune

After being diagnosed with kidney cancer in 1988, art dealer Forrest Fenn was inspired to leave a unique legacy. But rather than doing a Walter White, Fenn decided to go a little more Indian Jones instead. So he struck upon a plan to hide a vast fortune, in a chest in the Rocky Mountains.

In the event, Fenn managed to survive his illness and it wasn’t until 2010 that he finally went through with his plan.

Fenn’s memoir, The Thrill of the Chase, holds the key to the chest’s location and is packed with a variety of clues – including a cryptic poem – which may just lead you right to it!

The vagueness of the clues and the lack of success so far have left some questioning whether the treasure is even real. And it has even been suggested that Fenn is simply trying to give us an even better treasure…. the thrill of the chase. That’s great and all, but we’d rather have the money too!



The Beale Ciphers

These encoded texts are one of the greatest unsolved mysteries. They’re believed to hold the key to the location of one of the world’s largest buried treasures – alleged to be worth around $63 million dollars.

The story goes that the ciphers belonged to one Thomas Jefferson Beale, who in 1816 struck gold – literally – after stumbling upon vast quantities of this precious metal whilst mining.

Keen to preserve his new-found fortune for the benefit of his family, Beale wrote three ciphers containing details of the location of the treasure, before entrusting these to a friend.

This friend was given strict instructions to wait at least 10 years before attempting to open the ciphers. At which point, if Beale has not returned to claim them, a key to decoding the ciphers would be mailed to him. But the key never came, and the treasure remained buried.

So far only one of the ciphers has been decoded – oh, and did we mention that the Declaration of Independence turned out to be the key!

The deciphered text reveals the county where the treasure is buried, but not much more. And to this day treasure hunters continue to seek out this illusive pot of gold… although chances are they’d have better luck searching at the end of a rainbow.

If these legendary treasures have inspired you, how about trying out a real treasure hunt of your own with us?

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