Treasure Hunting: Skills You Can Develop

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Corporate away days are a great opportunity for you and your employees to improve relationships and develop skills. There are many different team building activities typical of an away day, all of which intend to target a specific set of abilities – this means that if you want to develop communication and cooperation between people or teams in your company, you can choose activities such as survival shelter building or zorgball.

Another great activity you can perform as a team is treasure hunting. Not only will you have fun doing it, but you’ll also be able to develop personal and professional skills!


Part of great teamwork is communication. Working together towards a common goal is what makes treasure hunts so fun and instrumental in improving communication and cooperation between people, since it allows them to explore their capabilities and develop relationships – especially if the atmosphere is relaxed.


Problem Solving

This skill is an important part of any job, so it only makes sense that activities such as treasure hunts place a heavy focus on it. By participating in a hunt, you and your employees will be able to sharpen your problem-solving skills by following clues and solving mysteries.



Treasure hunting is an activity where everyone is an integral part of the team, mainly due to the skills that they bring to the table. It’s important, therefore, that they ensure their voice is heard – your employees can develop this skill by being more vocal about their opinions and losing the fear of giving a bad idea or saying the wrong thing.


Every team member can contribute to the treasure hunt, which means they can develop their leadership skills. Participants will have to take responsibility for tasks, which brings the team together by allowing everyone to take control of part of the hunt – and develop a skill they may not even know they possessed.


Absolutely Scotland’s Treasure Hunt

We endeavour to make our treasure hunts a unique, challenging and useful experience for everyone involved! Every team has a map, compass and clue schedule, and the tasks that need to be performed are puzzles created specifically to set physical and mental challenges.

When a task is successfully completed, points are awarded, which can be exchanged for code breaking numbers that will help you get to the treasure faster – the first team to break the code is the winner!

All employers want their employees to give their best and grow at a personal and professional level, which makes away days the perfect occasion to get everyone together and have some fun-filled days away from the office.

We understand that different teams have different needs, which is why we strive to provide a diverse range of team building activities you can participate in. Get in touch with us if you wish to learn more about what we can do for you and how your company can benefit from an away day!