Top Tips for Success When Clay Pigeon Shooting

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If you’ve never been clay pigeon shooting before, then you’re really missing out. From landing that coveted first hit upon your target, to helplessly laughing when someone fires after misunderstanding the instructor’s order to ‘pull’, you’ll definitely have a great time, but of course some of us want to have more than a good time, we want to look as if we know what we’re doing as well! Clay pigeon shooting can take a bit of getting used to if you’re a novice, so here are some tips to bear in mind:

The Dominant Eye

Before you even go clay pigeon shooting, pick a handy object across the room and point at it. Close each eye in turn, and see which eye needs to be closed in order for this object to remain aligned with the end of your finger. For example, if the object has ‘moved’ when your left eye is open, you’re obviously right eyed. Your dominant eye is important for successful shooting.

Proper Positioning

This relates to both your own positioning and the positioning of your gun.

  • When you hold your gun, you should hold it tightly into the groove of your shoulder to protect you from recoil, and keep your front hand as far down the barrel as feels natural.
  • Your feet should always be pointing down the firing range. The opposite foot to your trigger finger should be further forward to take your weight, as this will give you more balance.
  • A common error is to neglect to bring your heard right down to the gun so you can look directly down the barrel. This is a great tip for successful shooting, so start doing it early.

A Cool Head

Hitting a clay relies upon keeping a cool head. If you’re a novice, remember that there will be a moment in the rising clay’s flight when it is moving slowest (just before it finally starts to descend in terms of trajectory). Now’s your time to strike! Don’t just follow a clay with your eyes either; move your gun and keep the barrel following your line of sight. Don’t be so on edge that you just wildly fire without thinking though; follow the flight of your chosen clay and you’ll soon get the hang of things.

If you’ve yet to try your hand at clay pigeon shooting, or fancy trialling the value of our tips, then why not consider coming to the Highlands to test your mettle? Clay pigeon shooting in Scotland allows you to enjoy yourself in a place of fantastic natural beauty, and what could be a better way for you and a few friends to spend some time? Contact the Absolutely Scotland team by calling +44(0)1786 359 585 or email if you’d like to find out more.