Three of the Best Team-Building Exercises

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Team-building exercises are often poked fun at, but they’re a valuable way for colleagues and workmates to come together and learn to work more efficiently as a team. As much as anything, the experience of collaborating with teammates on something not work-related is a valuable way for them to learn and grow. Check out three quick and easy team building exercises below.


Blindfolded Treasure Hunt

For this activity the team must be divided into smaller groups of 4-5 people. One member of each group is blindfolded, and the others in their team must direct them to find an object, helping to develop communication skills and active listening. The winner is the first team to retrieve the object.

Blind Draw

Another great activity for developing communications skills is the blind draw or blind artist exercise. In this activity, staff members are paired up, one person is the artist and the other the describer. The describer must direct the artist to draw an object without revealing what it is – and the describer can’t see what the artist is drawing! It’s always entertaining to have all your artists drawing the same object and compare the results!

Jigsaw Puzzle Trick

In this exercise, each team is given a bag containing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and led to believe that they are competing against other teams to complete the jigsaw the fastest. In fact, they are not able to complete the jigsaw without working together as some of the pieces are mixed up between the teams – the moral of the exercise is that working together is more productive than working alone.

Team-building Scotland

If you really want to push the boat out, taking your staff out of the office for something completely different is a great way to reward them as well as helping them to work more efficiently together.

Team-building Scotland with Absolutely Scotland offers everything from a mini Highland games to archery, clay pigeon shooting and treasure hunts and is located in Stirling, central Scotland. If you’re thinking of getting your staff team away from the grind, get in touch today.