Thinking Outside the Box When it Comes to Team Building

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Have you been trying to think of creative ways to bring your team together, and get them engaged and all working in a way that’s going to make them a real team? Perhaps you’ve looked at lots of corporate away days, and they just don’t seem to bring anything exciting or new.

Scotland Scenery

So What Can You Do?

You’ve probably racked your brain about what’s going to be a good fit for all the different personalities, but the ideas aren’t flowing. Teresa in marketing doesn’t like heights and Bob in accounts has flatly refused to go unless he can wear his walking boots.

How About a Treasure Hunt?

Who doesn’t like hunting for buried treasure? It’s physical for those who like throwing themselves around and getting their hands dirty. It requires thinking power for those quieter, analytical colleagues that like problem-solving. Everyone can give something of themselves and you can get people who struggle to be in the same building from 9 to 5 to start working together.

Fancy Solving a Human Traffic Jam?

Getting your team to unblock a human traffic jam will get them thinking, debating and all pulling together. It should be easy, but as everyone starts contributing, it will become more of a challenge. Away from the confines of the office environment, people can develop their natural personalities and problem-solving skills, and have fun whilst they’re doing it.

Want to Create Closer Working Relationships?

An activity like a blindfold maze, where a team member guides their blindfolded partner through a field of obstacles, trying to avoid giving basic instructions such as left and right is a great way to develop communication skills. It gives your staff the chance to depend on each other and build trust. Set the teams yourself and you can develop those tricky relationships you’ve been trying for months to work on.

Add in beautiful scenery, a great bunch of people to support the activity, and you have team building in Scotland. To start planning your team building event today, please contact us.