Think of the Children! The Benefits of the Outdoors

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Imagine this: riding over fields with the wind in your hair as you swerve along a well driven quad bike path. Or meeting a falcon up close and personal, holding it in your hands and watching as it soars up into the sky?

Picture this: crawling through the bracken and over branches, alert to your team mates and to your opposition. Or maybe you’d prefer to witness a small version of the Highland Games, wondering how cabers can be tossed and hearing the reverberating sound of bagpipes fill the air?

Children have an amazing ability to take in everything around them. This year, instead of letting them sit indoors glued to the TV screen or taking part in their everyday sport, why not take them outside and let them experience something truly amazing? You’ll be surprised at just how much they’ll gain from the outdoors.


Spark Their Interest in Something New


If you don’t normally venture into outdoor activities, you may realise that your child has never before picked up a bow and arrow before, has never climbed onto a quad bike or taken part in a treasure hunt. Though they may be perfectly happy with their swimming lessons or football games, it’s always healthy to introduce them to something a little different every now and then.

You never know, one session of paintballing, or a couple of hour of falconry may spark an interest which will last a lifetime!


Set New Challenges for Themselves


You may not realise it, but putting your child in an environment they’re not used to- whether it’s with their friends or their family- is a great way to help them understand themselves.

Activities such as paintballing requires team work- it requires you to look out for your team and to come up with a plan of action while sports such as archery requires concentration, control and patients in order to get that perfect shot. Allowing your child to partake in such activities is a great way for them to learn more about themselves, their strengths and their interests.



It’s Good for the Soul


Being outdoors, experiencing something new or improving on a skill or interest has many benefits to their personal development. Not only that, but it gives your children a sense of wonder for their natural surroundings, teaching them a respect for their countryside they may never have had before. Above all else, however, taking part in an outdoor activity is just plain fun!



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