The Perfect Stag Party

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Looking to host the best stag party in Scotland? We’ve got the ultimate guide…

The Proposal

No… Not that kind of proposal.

Guy putting an engagement ring on the finger of his girlfriend

There are six words every man both loves and dreads to hear: “Will you be my Best Man?”

We love these words for the honour they bestow on us, but we equally dread them for the immense responsibility they place on our shoulders. With them comes the terror of the Best Man’s speech and the recurring nightmare that you might misplace those rings. But, before all that, comes the greatest of all your duties. The Stag Party. You alone have to make it more than special, you have to make it epic. That’s exactly why your mate proposed you should be his Best Man in the first place.


So what do you do?

The Planning

There are the obvious options: the city break weekend, the brewery tour, the local pub and the ritual overnight handcuffing to its nearest lamppost. But they’ve all been done a thousand times before. What you want, and what your best friend deserves, is something unique. You need to think outside the box. You need to make this stag party an experience your best friend will never forget.

So where do you turn?

The Best Stag Party Ever

Here at Absolutely Scotland, we’ve got you covered. In fact, we’re experts at helping you organise the best stag parties in Scotland. We know exactly how to cater for the kind of stag party which won’t just give your best friend the send-off he deserves; it will make all your other unmarried friends want you and no one else to be their Best Man.


During the day, you can create whatever combination of bonding experiences you fancy from our thrilling range of activities, including quad-biking, clay pigeon shooting, archery, paintball, fishing, golf, simulated game shooting, simulated deer stalking, and even helicopter safaris. At night, you can make the most of our brilliant range of accommodation and fantastic food and drink.

In short, with our help, you can ensure that your best friend will have the best time of his life.

Making It Happen

This is the easiest part of all. Simply contact us and we’ll help you tailor and put into action the most magnificent stag party your soon-to-be-married friend could ever hope for.

After all, if you’re his Best Man, he’s probably yours as well. And so he deserves nothing but the best.