The Outdoor Bride: Hen Party Ideas For The Alternative Bride

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Hen parties usually involve spending the day at a spa getting pampered, going for a fancy lunch and then going to town and getting (very) merry with your closest girl friends. Whilst this is all good fun, for some brides, it just isn’t what they consider as being a good time.

If you’re a bride who is looking for hen party ideas in Scotland and want something a little more adventurous – we have you covered. We have put together a guide to some outdoor activities that are perfect for those seeking a fun filled day out to celebrate their upcoming nuptials.


Don’t be put off by the people who claim that paintballing is painful or not for girls – it’s so much fun! It’s a non contact sport that is played outside by lots of different people – both men and women!

Paintballing usually involves two teams trying to capture the flag from the opposite territory. Players are armed with a gun that shoots soluble paint pellets and the aim is to shoot the opposite team with the paint before getting shot yourself.

It’s definitely a fun alternative for your outdoor hen party.

Laser Shooting

Want something with the same competitive nature of paintballing but without actually getting hit with anything? Well…besides a laser.

It involves using handheld infrared-emitting targeting devices to target people on the opposite team to you. You’ll be wearing an infrared sensitive target – this is what your opponents will aim at.

As with paintballing, you usually have to make it into the enemy camp without getting hit a certain amount of times.


Do you and your friends fancy yourself as being the next Katniss Everdeen? Of course you do! That’s why including archery into your activity packed hen party is very exciting!

Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you and your friends can take it in turns to practise your bow and arrow skills. The winner will be the person who hits the target the most!

Do these activities sound like your idea of a perfect hen party? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Absolutely Scotland. We offer professionally organised hen parties in Scotland which include a range of exciting outdoor activities that provide you with a little bit of competition and plenty of fun!

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