The Importance of Team Building

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Whether you have a fresh or an old team in need of motivation, team building days out are the perfect way to enhance team performance and bonds. Team building is part of the psychology spectrum called organisational psychology, and inspires the group to communicate through a series of fun and motivational tasks and events.

So here are the top 5 reasons why team building is important.

  1. It enhances communication between your team members, and may bring out a side to people you didn’t know exist!
  2. It will motivate your employees; the physical activities will boost morale amongst your team as they share the experience together.
  3. Creativity is promoted with the challenges at hand.
  4. It can also develop your team’s ability to solve problems together, whether it’s a personal or work related issue.
  5. Team building will break down the barriers between the higher and lower level members of staff and build trust across the whole team.

Here at Absolutely Scotland we offer a range of activities promoting fantastic team building in Scotland, and a perfect day out for your company. Although all our days are tailor made to suit your requirements, in general your day will follow this basic structure.

  • Briefing by your assigned senior Co-Ordinator on the day’s programme. This will also cover safety issues over a brew and bacon butty.
  • Simple tasks and games to get your team prepared for the day ahead.
  • One major task in the morning.
  • Lunch – time to restore physical and mental form.
  • A full afternoon of serious and exciting challenges.
  • Debriefing over a sizzling barbecue as well as prize-giving and time to relax.

If you feel like your team could benefit from our fantastic range of team building activities in Scotland, contact us now and a member of our team will be more than happy to help on 01786 359 585.