The Hidden Health Benefits of a Treasure Hunt

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Treasure hunts are becoming increasingly popular for stag parties, corporate activities and even just close friends looking to enjoy each other’s company. Quite frankly, they’re a lot of fun and that’s one of the main reasons why people are so interested in getting involved. However, there are a number of hidden health benefits associated with treasure hunts and other such outdoor activities in Scotland. Here are just four that you should think about when looking to book a session.

Mental Stimulation

The only way to find the hoard is by wrapping your head around a number of maps, clues and puzzles. At times, individuals will also have to navigate their way around using an ever-tricky compass. This all results in a form of mental stimulation, that in turn helps to increase memory and improve forgetfulness. Essentially, it’s a much-needed exercise for the mind.

Fresh Air

The activity takes place in the great outdoors in Scotland. Because it’s located miles away from the nearest urban metropolis, the air is largely free from pollution and contamination. This means that simply inhaling it can clean people’s lungs, improve their immune system and help with digestion. It also affects blood pressure and heart rate in a positive way.

Physical Exercise

There’s nothing quite like stretching those legs. Hunters will find themselves using heaps of energy as they dart from clue to clue looking for the treasure. There are countless benefits to physical exercise; however, the main one is that it can lead to weight loss.


Treasure hunts tend to be used as team building exercises because the skills learned can then be transferred to a working environment. However, interacting with people stretches much further than that. In most cases, socialising helps fend off feelings of isolation and depression, therefore leading to improved mental health.

It’s Good for the Mind, Body and Soul

When venturing out on your next treasure hunt, don’t forget about all these hidden health benefits that you can take advantage of. Many of these can also be enjoyed on other activities provided by Absolutely Scotland. For more information on booking, contact us today.