The Boys are Back in Town: How an Activity Day Can Help Friends Reconnect

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The best of friends can sometimes become more like mere acquaintances if they don’t put enough time and effort into their relationship. Unfortunately, this happens all too often in a world where people have to juggle the demands of work and family with their social life. Luckily, old friends can reconnect with each other by heading off for an outdoor activity weekend in Scotland. Whether you’ve got your eye on quad biking, archery, clay pigeon shooting or a treasure hunt, here are just a few ways that the activities can help you reestablish your friendship.


First and foremost, the activities are great photo opportunities. However, friends won’t need pictures to remember all the fun that they have together. Instead, fond new memories will quickly be created that your group can cherish and reflect upon for many years to come.


Sometimes friendships can fall on the backburner when communication starts to lag. Fortunately, our special team-building games are designed to help improve communication. This could be just the thing to help old friends become close again by learning to share opinions and views.


There’s plenty to be said about the atmosphere when you do outdoor activities in Scotland. It’s guaranteed to be lively, energetic and – most importantly – relaxed. All in all, it’s the perfect setting for friends to let loose and enjoy each other’s company once again.


The pressures of the real world will quickly disappear when pals are surrounded by 1600 acres of rolling hills. Everything that can get in the way of friendships – such as work commitments and other responsibilities – will feel a million miles away. This should mean that mates can just focus on reconnecting – not to mention the activity at hand!

The boys are back in town!

Our activities are ideal for lads heading off on a stag do – but that doesn’t mean that one of you has to be getting married to get involved. Instead, groups can invest some quality time into their friendships by all taking part in one of the amazing activities we offer.

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