The Benefits of Outdoor Activities

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Few can deny that outdoor activity has a positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing, yet with screens and work pressures always competing for our time, not enough people take advantage of the great outdoors. For most it’s simply a case of not having found something they love, but with such a diverse range of fantastic outdoor activities to enjoy, the difference outdoor pursuits can make to your life is immense.


Better bodies, better minds

Physical outdoor activities are often a great way of getting the exercise you need without it feeling like a chore. While hitting the gym means short and intense bursts of physical work, such sessions have less of a beneficial long-term impact than lengthier, more leisurely outdoor pursuits. Activities such as walking, cycling, rowing or archery lead to much longer workouts which are easier to keep up. As well as being less intensely draining, they don’t feel like ‘proper’ exercise because they also allow your mind to wander away from the physical activity to admiring the scenery or engaging with the people around you.

It is also widely recognised that outdoor activity can have a huge positive impact on our emotional wellbeing, with the medical profession regularly recommending walking or other leisurely outdoor pursuits to those suffering from depression and other debilitating mental health conditions. There is often a very social side to outdoor activities like those offered by companies such as Absolutely Scotland, which makes them an ideal way to find a supportive network of like-minded people and enjoy a much more laid-back social atmosphere.


Get out into the great outdoors

There is certainly truth in the mothers’ mantra that fresh air does you the power of good. The great outdoors is the best tonic for the stress and anxiety which can affect everyday life for many people, and finding something you love to do can bring such a wealth of physical and mental benefits that you’ll wonder how you did without.

With a wide range of exhilarating outdoor activities to try, Absolutely Scotland can help you find your perfect outdoor pursuit. For a happier, healthier lifestyle and to sample something new, contact us today.