Terms and Conditions

Booking Process

  1. Bookings can be made preferably by e-mail or telephone if e-mail is a problem.
  2. To book a specific time on a specific date for a specific group size we require a 25% deposit. This deposit
    prevents others from booking this event on a specific time / date / group size and is therefore non-refundable.
  3. If deposits are not received, your booking is not confirmed and we reserve the right to let out that date and
    time to other customers.
  4. Deposit payments are a confirmation of your booking and confirmation that you agree with Absolutely
    Scotlands Terms & Conditions.
  5. Outstanding balances for all bookings must be received no later than 28 working days (Monday – Friday)
    prior to the event date. Unpaid balance payments will be deemed as a cancelled booking and deposit
    forfeited. If the booking is made within 28 working days of the event, full payment is due at the time of
  6. If you group size reduces refunds will only apply if notification is received in writing at least 28 working days
    prior to event date. If notification is received within 28 working days prior to event date full payment will be
    required or the deposit forfeited and event cancelled.
  7. Any applicable discounts issued will be forfeited if group sizes reduce. The price per person will revert to the
    brochure price for the activity (package) for your group size, taking into account minimum numbers required.

Age Restrictions

  1. All activities have a minimum age limit, it is the group organisers responsibility to ensure all members of the
    party meet the age requirments, participants who do not meet the age restrictions will not be able to
    participate and no refund will be granted.
  2. Age restrictions: Quads 16years + / Clays 14 years + / Archery 14 years + / Paintball 16 years + / 4×4 18 years
    + and a valid driving licence.

Cancellation Charges

Once your booking is processed, your right to cancel without penalty ends as we have booked you into an
event at a specific date at a specific time for specific group size. Therefore the terms of cancellation are as

  1. Cancellation 28 working days or more prior to the event – Full refund of all monies paid.
  2. Cancellation less than 28 working days prior to the event – No refund.
  3. All cancellations must be made in writing and sent to us via e-mail. Our accepted date of cancellation is the
    date that your cancellation is received in writing by Absolutely Scotland. No verbal cancellations are accepted.
  4. Any reduction in numbers must also be confirmed by Absolutely Scotland in writing to be considered valid.
    Cancellation charges as above apply in the event of a reduction in numbers in all cases. Any discounts issued
    will be forfeited if group sizes reduce. The price per person will revert to the brochure price for your group size.
  5. Absolutely Scotland cannot be held responsible for cancellation of events or issue refunds due to reasons
    out with their control. We suggest that clients may like to consider taking out insurance to safeguard their
    event against adverse weather or other eventualities out with their control, this they can do through their own
    insurers or our insurance company would be delighted to quote you direct themselves.

Arriving Late

  1. All participants are required to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their start time; this allows time to sign in.
    The start time is the one designated on your confirmation. We endeavour to do our best to accommodate late
    arrivals but this cannot be guaranteed, especially during busy periods. It is unlikely that participants will be
    allowed to participate if they have missed the pre-session briefing and safety talk. Some instructors will make
    an exception to this and provide individual safety talks and briefings, but this in entirely at the individual
    instructors’ discretion and cannot be guaranteed. The booking will normally be treated as a cancellation in the
    event of late arrival with the loss of all monies.
  2. Please allow plenty time for travelling, we will not accept being stuck in traffic as a reason to hold back
    your activities – remember other customers will probably be booked into the slots after yours and will be
    held up if you are late. 
    PLEASE NOTE: You wouldn’t turn up late at Edinburgh airport and still expect to make your flight

Personal Safety

  1. Whilst all our activities are as safe as they can be, safety instructions must be followed at all times as well as
    any instructions from the instructors on the day. You are advised not to attempt to go beyond your capabilities.
    Some of the events we organise can be dangerous and failure to comply with safety instructions increases the
    risk of injury to you or to others. You can be held personally liable for any injury or damage caused by your
    personal negligence.
  2. In the case of more than one person taking part under one booking, the person who has made the booking
    must relay the details of the activities and our terms and conditions to the group. Arrival at our activity site will
    be deemed as acknowledgement by those individuals of the possible risks involved and that they have agreed
    to take part on this basis. Absolutely Scotland carry public liability insurance, however you are advised to
    ensure that your personal insurance cover is up to date and that you are covered for taking part in such


  1. Absolutely Scotland reserves the right to alter/substitute the events/disciplines/activities due to weather
    conditions, mechanical failure or in the interest of safety.
  2. It is the responsibility of the organiser (client) to ensure that their guests/clients are informed that it is
    advisable for all concerned to bring adequate clothing and footwear – i.e. warm outdoor clothing, waterproof
    clothing, hats & gloves and sturdy footwear such as walking boots or Wellington boots. The terrain is rugged,
    exposed countryside so it is your responsibility to dress accordingly.


  1. Any person who is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted to
    participate in any activity.
  2. No alcohol may be consumed until all activities have ceased.

NB: Deposit payment by you is deemed an acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.