Absolutely Scotland Team Building Games

Team Building Activities At Absolutely Scotland

We have a large portfolio of exciting team building challenges and games available at our Activity Centre near Stirling although many may also be arranged at the alternative location of your choice.  Generally, six to eight challenges makes for a very full half-day - please remember to take age and fitness of your party as a whole when making arrangements.  These games can usually be completed in twenty to thirty minutes.  If you wish, one or more of our core Outdoor Activities can be included or simply enjoyed as part of the winding down process.

Activities Include

Krypton Challenge

Description:The team has to complete a series of quick thinking challenges within a specific time frame. Requires quick thinking, positive action and accuracy. Games include: Kukuro dice, match the pyramid, get the matches to light and tram lines.

Description: The aim is to herd all team members (sheep) into the designated ring.  Team members will be blindfolded except one (shepherd) who will stand at a distance and guide the members into the ring. Hugely entertaining!

Spider's Web
A classic which originated in America. This is a great task for getting team members to get close to each other.
Description: The basic idea is to pass all of the team through a giant spider's web. However there is a limited number of holes large enough to pass someone through and each hole can only be used twice. Sounds fairly straightforward . . . however, everyone must pass through their designated hole without touching the web. If the web is touched then the whole team must return to the start point. Great fun and involves the team members lifting, supporting and holding each other. Requires good planning and support.

Siege Gun
This task sounds easy but it requires sound teamwork, good planning and creativity
Description: The team is required to construct a Siege Gun (catapult) which is capable of propelling the designated projectile as far as possible. The projectile is usually either product-related or a fun item e.g. haggis. We include a number of items in the specification that will require the team to collaborate and overcome these design criteria.

A firm favourite - and usually noisy!
Description: The objective is to retrieve a radioactive container from within a large circle. With only minimal equipment available, the team will have to work well together to achieve this one. Co-ordination and planning will ensure success. Looks straightforward, but can lead to frustration if the team does not work closely.

Traffic JamTime to use the grey matter! A real thinking task and a classic problem-solving exercise.
Description: The team is required to work out the solution to a human traffic jam. The solution is actually quite easy, but using team members invariably over-complicates it for the participants. It is good to have a genuine thinking task that will involve the team in sitting down and working through the possible solutions. Frustrating but fun.

Key Task
A problem-solving exercise involving teamwork, ingenuity and creativity.
Description: An object must be recovered from the bottom of a vertical 2 metre tube.  We also add a few extra rules for good measure.

Ski-Walk SlalomTeam work at close quarters! Hilarious, very visual and very competitive.
Description: The team is provided with a pair of very large wooden skis which are just large enough to accommodate all team members. They have to work together to ensure that they can manoeuvre their team along a slalom course.  Again it sounds easy, but requires great co-ordination and communication to move first the left ski then the right ski and so on all the way round the course. If they fall over they must return to the start. Only the front and rear skiers are attached to the skis, everyone else has to learn to move at exactly the right moment.  A variation of this exercise includes simple tasks to be undertaken around the course.

A good problem solving task requiring a methodical approach, good planning and teamwork.
Description: The team is required to cross a minefield using a variety of wooden "stepping stones". To move between the stepping stones without touching the ground, they have three wooden planks and they have to identify the correct route. As you would expect the planks reach between some stepping stones but are too short for others. Pressure against the clock.

Blindfold Maze
This fairly easy exercise establishes complete dependency and trust on another team member and improves both team members' ability to communicate and listening skills.
Description: One member vocally guides a blindfolded partner through a field of obstacles.  Scoring is according to the time taken - with points deducted for use of banned words (such as "left", "right", "stop" and "go"!).

Giant Jenga
A giant version of the wooden tower game - may also be played in our Lodge.
Description: Teams have to carefully remove wooden blocks from the tower without it collapsing. The team that removes the most pieces wins.

A task which explores the effect of personal skill and knowledge level on team dynamics.
Description: The team is provided with basic essentials to build a structure to support the whole team above the ground.

Sticky Rope
All that is required for this game is a tree, a sticky rope . . . and a great deal of teamwork.
Description: All the team needs to do is tie a reef knot in a length of rope. Sound easy? Well, we use a 150 ft length of sticky rope - and then, of course, there's that tree!

Construction Exercises
Traditional team building exercises using logs, ropes, pulleys - plus a lot of careful planning, ingenuity and teamwork.
Description: Our construction exercises vary according to the make-up of your party.  Tasks include bridges, rope walkways, towers and various frames.

For more information on our Team Building Games in Scotland please get in touch via our contact us page.