Team Building Is Best BEFORE Christmas

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Christmas is fast approaching. Therefore, it’s important to remember that the festive season isn’t an excuse to put work on the backburner and worry about your problems in January. After all, why do that when you can work towards strengthening the bond between you and your fellow colleagues?

How? With a team building day! There are many benefits to organising a staff activity day before Christmas. With this in mind, here are four that you’ll want to take advantage of.


1. It Builds New Skills

Let’s say that your team takes part in an activity such as Krypton Challenge. This game is designed to improve communication between players and establish quick thinking from individuals. These qualities – while useful all year round – are great for people to learn now because they can then implement the skills straight away in 2018.

2. It’s Social

Don’t forget, there’s a huge social element linked to activities such as clay pigeon shooting. This, of course, can be just as valuable as picking up new skills. The ability for colleagues to be able to share a conversation is always important, but it’s even more so over the festive season when social events – such as office parties and nights out – are more common and everyone should be getting along.

3. It’s Convenient

Obviously, sectors such as retail and hospitality can see a huge rise in their workload over Christmas. However, the festive season has the opposite effect in many other workplaces. Due to this, the perfect occasion to leave the office and head for a team building day might soon be right in front of you.

4. It’s A Chance To Get Out

Winter is actually a beautiful season. Unfortunately, too many people are working away indoors to appreciate it. You can make sure that your staff are able to witness the picturesque views of Scotland if you arrange for a team building day prior to Christmas. The sights alone could be passed off as an early present from Santa.

What Are You Waiting For?

Be sure to arrange outdoor activities in Scotland for your staff ahead of Christmas. It could be just what your team needs before entering 2018.

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