Team Building Gone Wrong: How NOT to do Team Building Exercises

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Whether you’re a fan of team building exercises or not, you can’t deny that they can be a very effective way of bringing a team together. When done in the right way, team building can be brilliant for improving team morale, creativity and more importantly, productivity.

However, they can also go drastically wrong. When this happens, you end up with frustrated and disgruntled staff, and issues that are carried into the work place.

Do you know the difference between good and bad team building? We have highlighted some of the main reasons for why some team building session’s crash and burn.

Lack of creativity

Team building exercises are often met with a lot of hesitation – people simply don’t like to do them. We think this negative attitude is due to the fact that they have never attended a creative and fun team building day. Forget going out for a meal, or a movie; you should do something that is a little fun and wacky – something that forces them out of their every day behaviours.

People are not encouraged to interact with new people

Team building days are a good way for people to interact with the work colleagues that they would not normally talk to or see outside of work hours. It encourages your employees to interact socially in different ways and with different people. Therefore, you shouldn’t choose an activity in which they will just stick with their best work friends. Mix it up, put people in different teams and encourage people to work with someone who they don’t really know.

Choosing something that excludes some of the staff

You need to choose an activity that everyone will enjoy doing, or at least something that everyone is willing to give a try. You don’t want to choose something specific, like a sport, as this will exclude all of those who don’t like it or aren’t interested in it. You should choose an activity that puts everyone on the same level, or something that no one has ever tried before.

Making it too personal

Whilst team building days should be fun and interactive, you need to remember that they are still work related. This means that people don’t want to talk about their life or personal feelings, as this can cause embarrassment when back in the office. Unless the things that you are learning are going to be something positive to take back to work, then it probably doesn’t need to be discussed.

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