Team Building Days Can Attract New Staff

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It goes without saying that team building days will benefit your current workforce. But have you also considered how the prospect of one could also attract new staff? The highest calibre of candidates usually have their choice of roles when it comes to the job market – and you’ll surely want your business to stand out amongst the pack when they decide which position they’ll accept. With this in mind, here are three ways that you’ll be attracting new staff if you mention your dedication to team building days during the recruitment process.


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Companies often drop lines like ‘we look after our staff’ or ‘we care about our employees’ when recruiting for a role. However, these buzz words can be dropped so readily that candidates can’t help but question the sincerity behind them. On the other hand, you’ll stand out amongst your competition if you have a history of taking your staff on team building days. After all, this is evidence that you do indeed care about your staff and their ability to carry out the role.


The most qualified professionals are still liable to doubt their suitability for a new team. In fact, many will question whether they’ll fit in well with the current set up – and what it could mean if they don’t. Luckily, these candidates should feel more comfortable about accepting a role with you if they know that you are passionate about team building. It should remind them that you’re keen to see them ease into the role and get along with their new colleagues.


There’s a time and a place for business – much like there’s a time and a place for fun! You’ll send the message that your company knows just how important both these things are if you arrange regular team building days. This is because outdoor activities in Scotland are just as much enjoyable as they are helpful. New staff will literally be waiting for one to swing around!

Attract new staff!

Your company will go from strength to strength if you’re able to lure in the best staff in your industry. To do this, simply let them know that you’re committed to team building and are happy to arrange regular activities at Absolutely Scotland.

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