Team Building 101: “We” not “You”

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When a new member joins your team, you may notice that instead of including themselves within the group, they refer to the crowd as “you” rather than “we”. When it comes to working in a team, you’re aiming to make everyone feel involved, so this can seem a bit worrying when people appear to not include themselves when talking about the group.

However, at some point, you will notice them begin to include themselves in the group. They will start to refer to the team as “we”.

“what are we going to do to overcome this” is a good example that they have taken to feeling comfortable within the team environment.

If you are noticing that a member of your team isn’t making this shift in behaviour, there are a few things that you can do to encourage them to feel as though the team is also their team

Helping Them to Make the Shift

The sooner you can influence them into thinking that the team includes them, the better. Simply asking them to say “my team” instead of “your team” is a good place to start. Making a point of referring to the team as “your team” when talking directly to them is also a good reinforcer.

When a new person joins a team, they will be expected to learn new processes, and this learning curve can make them feel distanced from the rest of the team who already know the process. To avoid this, let the new member know that their experience and opinions are still valued as a member of their team, even though they may feel like they know less than the rest of the group.

Team Effort

Get the people in the team structure involved in helping the new member take the leap to accepting themselves as part of the team. Ask them to make an effort to include them in activities that they may not join in with unless asked to. Talk to them first rather than waiting for them to tell you about their weekend. This makes them feel valued and accepted into the teams social environment.

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