Stag Dos: Why an Activity Day is a Great Idea

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Grooms often look forward to their stag do just as much as they anticipate their wedding day. After all, it’s a great chance to spend time with their friends and family before stepping into married life. While most best men organise an all-day drinking session for the groom-to-be, there’s often a better option just staring them right in the eyes – and that’s an activity day. Here are four ways an activity-based stag is better than a night on the tiles.

It’s Unique

It’s all too common to see a groom being thrust into enjoying the nightlife for his stag do whether he likes it or not. Usually, it rarely differs from any other night out – nor will it be remembered for years to come. On the other hand, outdoor activities in Scotland offer a great opportunity for the groom-to-be to make unique memories that will last for years.

It’s Acceptable

The bride will often worry when her husband-to-be is whisked off for a day of drinking because excessive alcohol is never good for your health. Meanwhile, an activity day has the opposite impact. Whether the man of the hour is taking part in archery or quad biking, it’s a chance to enjoy exercise and fresh air – two things that will help him feel top notch come his wedding day.

It’s Inclusive

Stag dos can be made up of a variety of people, many of whom don’t necessarily know each other beforehand. This can cause poor group dynamics if you expect people to just sit around a table and become friends. On the other hand, activity days are designed to help people build bonds and form close relationships. Therefore, you should find that taking part in an activity like a treasure hunt will help guests feel more social during a stag do.

You Know You Want To!

If you’re in charge of organising your mate’s stag do, don’t underestimate how much of an amazing time everyone will have during an activity day.

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