Season of the Stag; 4 Great Alternative Stag Dos (Part 1)

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The summer, and late summer in particular, is the most popular time to get married – making now the prime time for the groom and friends to enjoy an epic stag do! A night, a weekend or even a full week of fun filled chaos is a tradition that shows no sign of going away any time soon.

One of the most difficult questions asked whilst planning a stag do is how to make it enjoyable as well as a little different from the run-of-the-mill night on the tiles. Thankfully here at Absolutely Scotland we are here to help you have the best possible stag do and have put together four awesome ideas for an alternative stag do in an incredible two part blog series.

Make Your Own Music Festival

Now, the music festival has long been a staple activity for a stag do and whichever festival you choose you will doubtless see several stag parties there. There is a different way to do festivals, though, which involves a little bit more personal involvement. Planning your own music festival is a lot of work but the rewards can be incredible.

First step is to book some land to have your festival on; thankfully with sites such as Land for Events it’s easy to book a field big enough for you and as many friends as you like.

Second step is to book the acts. Now it is highly unlikely that Oasis will reform for your festival, but getting local acts is a great way to get great music on a shoestring budget. One thing that is important to remember is the PA equipment so you can crank the volume.

The third step is to get the people and the supplies together to make sure that the night is as enjoyable as possible!

Having Fun Outdoors!

Getting outdoors and taking part in group activities is a great way to blow off steam and have fun with some friends. Here at Absolutely Scotland we are experts in outdoor activities in Scotland and know exactly how perfect they can be for a stag do. We have a long list of activities on offer including;

All you need to provide is yourself and a group of friends, then you can leave everything else to us and our expert team. Booking your perfect outdoor stag do couldn’t be simpler, just contact us today and you are already on your way!

Check back on our blog soon for the second part of this blog in which we take a look at two more incredible stag do ideas!