Reconnecting with Teenagers: Family Holidays That Create Stories

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Looking for ways to peel your children away from their mobile technology? Nostalgic for the days when you went out to tramp hills and forests looking for dragons and fairies with enthusiastic cherubs?

Do family holidays feel like you just do the same things as you do year-round, except now you have sunshine and a pool to sit by?

Let’s be honest, if you suggested a family holiday revolved around sight-seeing or a European road trip, there would be mutiny among your older children.

You may be surprised, however, at how quickly they embrace the chance to let loose and have fun with a holiday that hinges on outdoor activities Scotland.

Making Memories That Bind

Have you heard the expression “the family who plays together, stays together?”

There is a lot of truth in that. Having fun together creates bonds, provides inside jokes and helps to build memories. It generates the shared stories that are the lifeblood of close families.

Finding common ground and a shared interest can get conversations going again after months of looking at the top of their head or their retreat from the house.

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Positive Affirmation For All

Clay pigeon shooting, hikes, watersports and all the wonderful outdoor opportunities in Scotland mean breathing in fresh air, and getting positive hormones pumping. You could really get the adrenaline going with family quad biking.

There will be lots of opportunities for positive affirmation. Telling your kids how amazing they have been during the day is cathartic for you too, after all the months of nagging.

Building Good Habits in Teenagers

How many times a week do you hear yourself urging your teenagers to come from behind their screens and mobiles and get some fresh air?

A family holiday to Scotland sets them a perfect example. With any luck, it will give them some good habits for healthy exercise if they rediscover the pleasure to be found from walking outdoors.

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Grab Family Time While You Can

Go on, use that mobile phone or laptop to book a family holiday to enjoy the glories of Scotland. Then you can start to look forward to a gadget-free break reconnecting with your kids, nature and your own joy in life.

Contact us without delay, because they won’t be children forever!