Paintballing Tactics

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When conducting our stag and hen parties in Scotland it’s our duty to make sure that you and your group have an unrivalled level of fun. Well, what’s more fun than winning?

The taking part? Don’t be silly! No one remembers the silver medallist!

Well because we are keen paintballers here at Absolutely Scotland, offering it amongst our activities for your stags and hens, we felt it only right to provide you with some insider tips on how to become a paintballer-extraordinaire!

Be Vigilant!

First and most important advice; keep your wits about you! It’s far too tempting to just keep focused on what’s in front of you, but you have to remember that the enemy could be lurking anywhere. They’re all looking for an easy hit, like you may well be, so don’t give them the satisfaction of a sneaky shot from behind!


Everyone is in camouflage when it comes to paintballing, so you need to start thinking outside of the box. Firstly, it’s only camouflage if you stay still, so don’t move around all the time. Secondly, use your surroundings; duck behind trees, stay quiet and don’t draw attention to yourself. Finally, utilise the barracks that are available to you. These are perfect for picking off the enemy, but you have to remember that they too may well be lurking inside just waiting for you to turn that corner and BAM! So tread carefully!

Work in Pairs

Sure, it’s fun to go rogue and be all Rambo, sprinting around on your own… but you won’t last very long! Go out all guns blazing by all means, but if you have the back up of a partner you can be attacking two different directions at once whilst simultaneously covering your partner’s back, who in turn is covering yours. Win-win!

The main lesson to take away from all of this is to keep your wits about you. Don’t assume you’re safe because you can’t see the enemy… they’ll get ya’! If you fancy flexing your newly found tactical paintballing prowess, then don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can contact our friendly team on 01786 359 585, where we are always eager to set you up with the ultimate experience for you and your hen or stag party.

‘Til then… get practicing!