Outdoor Fun for Your Family Reunion!

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If you’re planning a weekend away with your family, you’ll want to be sure you make it a weekend full of fun and laughter with plenty of adventures to remember. If possible, try to plan a weekend trying out new activities, so that the group has a great opportunity to test their skills and try new experiences together. For some great activity ideas which are fun for the whole family, read on below.

Family on Autumn Walk

Quad Bike Treks

Pair up in your family, mixing up adults with kids so that everyone gets to experience the fun of a Quad Bike trek together. Following your instructor’s guidance, you’ll have a great time flying through mud and tumbling up and down hills on your quad bikes. Once you’re covered in mud, you’ll be laughing your way back to have a good hot lunch together, sharing tales of your quad bike adventures.

Treasure Hunt

An organised treasure hunt is a great activity to do as a whole family, discovering and solving clues together, enjoying the great outdoors on your way to the prize! Encourage the younger members of the group to work on solving the puzzles in the treasure hunt so that they feel totally engaged in the whole experience. Take refreshments with you, so you can regroup and take snack breaks throughout the fun so you all have plenty of energy to go on until the treasure is found!

Mini Highland Games

If you really want a traditional Scottish experience, why not take part in mini highland games, splitting your group into teams to compete against one another? You will be amazed at how competitive everyone gets and it creates a great sense of comradeship throughout the different teams as everyone cheers each other on!

If you’re planning a family reunion and you’re looking for a great range of outdoor activities in Scotland to keep everyone entertained, then contact us today. There’s nothing better than getting out altogether in the great outdoors, enjoying the stunning Scottish scenery and getting active, whilst making memories with the whole family.