New Year, New Team

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With 2017 just starting, many businesses are taking this opportunity to reflect on the past year. This includes inventorying what went well, what could have been done better, changes that can be made in the new year, etc.

Team building exercises can offer you and your employees the opportunity to work together to increase productivity in the workplace and attain more success than in the previous year. However, you can benefit from these advantages all year round, so what makes the new year so special? Why should you start it off with team building exercises?



Many people create new year resolutions for themselves, either at a personal or professional levels and feel motivated to accomplish them right after the new year. This is because there’s a sense of renewal when the 1st of January arrives, a feeling of ‘fresh starts’ and of being able to achieve everything that wasn’t accomplished the year before.

Holding team building exercises now allows you to tap into your employees’ motivation and attain better results that at any other time of year. People are determined to do things right, to try new activities and tasks, to prove that they can surpass themselves and grow in their career.



New year, new you. Many people consider the new year the perfect opportunity to start anew and forge new relationships – or reconnect with old ones. This means that you can take this chance to have them collaborate with each other in team building exercises.

Your employees will be able to get to know each other better, on a personal level, which can translate into better work relationships. This, in turn, creates healthier work environments and increased productivity.


Are you introducing new employees to the workforce? Do you feel like your employees should be more united? Trust is a vital element in any team, mainly if new people are entering your workplace after the new year. Not only can team building exercises help everyone know each other better, but it also promotes feelings of trust, harmony, and unity around common goals.

Your employees will also improve their communication skills, as they’ll have to cooperate and communicate with each other to achieve specific results.


At Absolutely Scotland, we want you to take advantage of the new year and the burst of motivation it offers! We have a wide range of activities your team can participate in, so contact us today to learn more about how we can help.