Mini Highland Games Scotland, Caber Tossing Scotland

Mini Highland Games At Absolutely Scotland

Come and enjoy the traditional and not so traditional Mini Highland Games of Scotland past and present. The setting is all you would expect plenty of that renowned Highland hospitality against the stunning backdrop of the finest Scottish Scenery. The games can be held at out site just outside Stirling or held at a location of your choice. Mini Highland Games make for perfect hen party ideas and are also ideal for a nice day out in the Scottish countryside. By scoring the adventure activities and awarding prizes there is a relaxed competitive atmosphere whether you split into teams or work individually its a great day out!
Absolutely Scotland team member helping woman with activity.
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Activities included

Absolutely Scotland's Caber Tossing activity.
Skill and strength are required for Caber Tossing in Scotland to throw the caber (a tree trunk) for it to land correctly. Cabers of various sizes and weights will be available.

Bred and raised in our Haggarium, these upwardly mobile creatures are perfect for throwing.
Woman taking part in Haggis Hurling activity.
Man taking part in Archery activity.
In search of Robin Hood! Using the finest of equipment and with expert tuition on hand, team members attempt to amass the highest possible score.

This event is not quite so old, but skill is still needed to hurl the welly boot into the target zone. (Remember to keep upwind!)
Absolutely Scotland's Welly Hurling activity.
A man taking part in Absolutely Scotland's Stone Putting activity.
A truly Scottish take on shot putt, trying to throw various weighted stones into the multiple scoring zones!

Another ancient game, a simple concept thats incredibly difficult! Can you land the shoe on pole?
Someone holding a horseshoe for Absolutely Scotland's Horseshoe Challenge.
Participants of Absolutely Scotland's Whiskey Challenge.
What's Mini Highland Games without whiskey? This is a test of accuracy. The last person standing wins the bottle!
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