In Scotland, It’s All About Being Outdoors

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Forget sitting in with a glass of wine or a cool beer; if you’re in Scotland for either business or pleasure then why wouldn’t you be taking the time to experience some of the most breath-taking scenery the world has to offer? Yes, that’s right, the whole world.

We are situated in the heart of Stirlingshire, near the town of Stirling that sports a 12th Century Renaissance Architectural Castle and a wealth of culture to match even the most diverse sightseer. Absolutely Scotland prides itself on capitalising the surrounding culture and beautiful landscapes for the wild adventurers and the relaxed meanders. If you’re looking for something a bit different, and a bit outdoors, then you’re in for a treat.

Why Not Try an Outdoors Stag Party?

Could you imagine rolling in lush hills avoiding fast approaching paintball bullets? Go out in proper Black Watch style with one of our tailor-made Paintball Commando sessions. Where you can truly feel the earthy battle zone in a modern-day war with your friends. Or you can keep the guns and swap it for a healthy dose of clay pigeon shooting. Impress your friends with your shooting skills!

Too Much?

You can always try out one of our horse riding or pony trekking events. A more relaxed approach to taking in all that Stirlingshire has to offer at a leisurely pace. If nothing else, Scotland sports some of the world’s most amazing and breath-taking diverse landscapes. Stirling is no exception to that rule.

We also offer a diverse range of outdoor activities to fit your needs. Whether it’s roaring through the rich heather in our sturdy 4x4s or relaxing with a cool beer at the side of one of our many fishing holes.

Sound Interesting?

Does all that sound a perfect blend of amazing to you? Does getting dirty in the some of the world’s richest and most diverse landscapes sound highly appealing? It should do. Scotland doesn’t attract millions of visitors a year for their home brewed whisky alone! Why not contact us for more information? You won’t be disappointed.