How to Relax Outdoors

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You’ve spent an entire week stuck at a desk staring at a computer screen, or perhaps you’ve been on your feet, running around after customers who barely mutter a ‘thank you’ for your efforts. At the end of a busy week, it’s important to give yourself a little R&R.

Most of us forget how to do just that; we fill our weekends with chores we couldn’t accomplish during the week. Every now and then, however, it’s important to take yourself out of the busy town and city life, breathe in the fresh air and try something new and exciting. Recharge your batteries. Here at Absolutely Scotland we have everything you need. From team building exercises for the entire office to hen party ideas in Scotland, discover a new means of relaxation for your days off work.


Mini Highland Games

The Highland Games are a proud Scottish tradition and here, our traditional (and not so traditional) version of the games offers a range of activities you can take part in with the Scottish Highlands standing strong in the background.

Have you ever wondered how to toss a caber? What exactly is Haggis Hurling and how can you pass up the whisky challenge? In such a relaxing, entertaining atmosphere how could you miss such a unique opportunity?



You might have seen birds of prey before, shown off by handlers performing tricks to an audience of enrapt children and adults alike. Falconry is a relaxing outdoor activity not to be missed. With the dramatic Scottish hills surrounding you and your falcon, learning the ancient and graceful art of falconry has never been a  more magical experience.


Quad Biking

For some people, relaxing entails an adrenalin high. It’s that feeling of the wind in your hair and your head thrown back. It’s the feeling of freedom where thoughts of your working week melt away, giving you back your childish excitement.

Quad biking is a perfect way to get your blood pumping. Discover winding off road paths through a mixture of Scottish terrain. With 5 miles of quad bike trails across 1,600 acres of rolling hill country, you’ll lose your breath at the stunning views and sheer beauty of nature itself.


Relaxing on your days off doesn’t mean wasting away locked inside your house with the washing and ironing. Take a step outdoors and explore the beauty of Scotland.

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