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Grouse Shooting

Scotland is almost synonymous with grouse shooting but there is a vast choice of other game birds in Scotland to be enjoyed – from the moors of the Highlands and the Borders to the meadows and farmlands of the Central Lowlands and Grampian to the salt marshes and estuaries of the East Coast to the solitude of the Western Highlands and Islands. We offer a superb choice of locations for game shooting in Scotland to suit the trip you have in mind.


Grouse Shooting takes place on carefully tended grouse moors – mainly in the Highlands, Angus and the Borders. Although the season for game shooting in Scotland does not open until 12 August (“The Glorious Twelfth”), the gamekeepers work throughout the year to ensure that the best possible conditions exist for the grouse to rear their chicks and to build or repair the butts for the shooters.

The moors often consist of heather-clad peat and the shooting party is transported to the butts in four-by-fours. An army of beaters drives the grouse towards the butts with the birds generally flying low and very fast. Grouse shoots are very social occasions with an excellent lunch and after-shoot drinks with the keepers, loaders and beaters.

Although Grouse Shooting may be available on a daily basis, we would recommend at least two days. To keep costs down and still ensure maximum sporting enjoyment, an extra half day of our Simulated Shooting helps to get the eye in followed by two days shooting with a day’s rest for the moor (and the beaters). On rare occasions, opportunities arise for single guns or two guns on estate shoots. Both driven and walked-up shoots are available at locations throughout most of Scotland.

Please note that Grouse Shooting is usually very expensive and, as the yield on many moors can be sporadic from year to year, it may not always represent good value. We monitor a number of locations to find the best for your requirements and, if we are not satisfied with the likely quality of the shooting, we will certainly advise you and discuss other options with you to ensure the success and enjoyment of your trip.


Pheasant Shoots are probably the most common and sought after of game birds in Scotland. As the birds are usually “farm-reared” and released over suitable terrain, the supply is consistent and plentiful.

We have access to numerous locations the length and breadth of the country to match the requirements of every party. Pheasant Shoots are ideal as part of a “multi-discipline” hunting trip.


After many years of decline, Partridge are making a come-back thanks to the hard work of many estate owners and gamekeepers who have introduced both Red Leg and English Grey Partridge. Both Driven and Walked-Up Shoots are available. The guns are positioned behind natural cover and the birds fly high overhead in coveys and as singles.


Walked-Up Woodcock and Snipe Shooting is available mainly on the West Coast and Islands. Normally groups of four to six guns take part, hunting over dogs. Mixed days with Pheasant Shoots are to be preferred.


We have access to some of the very best Goose Decoying, Morning Flighting and Evening Flighting – but it is usually only available in conjunction with other Rough or Driven Shooting.

Our Duck Flighting is also very good but again it is only available in conjunction with other Shootings.

For more information on game birds in Scotland and game shooting in Scotland please get in touch via our contact us page.