Freeeeedooom! The Best Scottish Set Films (Part 1)

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Scotland’s beauty is beyond magnificent; the hills and mountains rise and touch the skies with green and snowy kisses; the water is clear and beautiful, the sun’s rays being reflected like there are gems under the surface; even when it’s cold, the frost hangs from the trees with utter majesty.

With that in mind, it makes complete sense that film-makers would want to utilize the very best of what Scotland has to offer, and we can relate! Here at Absolutely Scotland, we deal in ensuring you enjoy every second of lush countryside, whether you’re here on a work outing, or you’ve decided to take your hen party to Scotland.

But which films use Scotland’s wondrous and almost magical setting to its maximum potential? Well let’s take a look at a few of our picks!

The Wicker Man

This 1973 horror film is on many film critics lists for the greatest films ever made, and it’s clear to see why. After the disappearance of a little girl, a police officer is sent to a remote isle just off of Scotland to investigate. As he delves further into the mystery, he realises that the entire isle has adopted an ancient pagan religion and plan on making their next sacrifice to the dredded wicker man. The film’s use of the Scottish countryside and coast makes for a more unnerving tale; because it all looks so fresh and green, we expect it to be happy place but we later find out, it’s fresh and green because it isn’t a happy place!


Today, Highlander is regarded as a cult classic and part of the reason is the use of our fair, green country. The stunning landscapes mixed together with a soundtrack by the legendary Queen are a match made in heaven; especially when we have a scene of Connor and his maiden fair parting ways in the highlands as ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ softly plays in the background.



You saw this one coming, and can you blame us? Mel Gibson’s 1995 epic drama is possibly the most well-known and most popular Scotland set film. Braveheart depicts Scotland with a romantic heart, showing the joys and courage of its people, while highlighting the beauty of the country itself. The vibrant story telling mixed with Oscar winning cinematography will result in an instant adoration for this film.

The film’s most famous moment, in which William Wallace declares that his oppressors ‘may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!’ is now etched into history as one of the most quoted lines. A definite must see!

If you want to see some this glorious country side for yourself, get in touch with the team here and book your place today!