Five Activities In The Great Outdoors

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If you’re visiting Scotland in 2018 make the most of the fresh air and countryside with one of these fabulous outdoor activities.

1. Quad Biking

This is the perfect way to cover lots of terrains, enjoy the mighty outdoor space that Scotland has to offer and have some serious fun! Take the opportunity to explore off-road, hidden gems and create your very own Highland adventure. There are five miles of quad bike trails across 1,600 miles of the countryside where you can build up some speed and lose your inhibitions here in the Scottish countryside.

2. Archery

This popular and ancient sport takes intense concentration and skill. If you’ve never tried it before, it’s the perfect sport to focus the mind, whilst still enjoying being in the great Scottish outdoors. The great thing about archery is that it’s suitable for all ages and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never tried it before. Just think how thrilled you will be if you actually hit the bullseye?

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3. Clay Pigeon Shooting

If you’ve never fired a gun before then this is a safe, yet entertaining way, to give it a go. Clay Pigeon Shooting
, also known as target shooting, involves shooting a gun at clay targets and is a brilliant way to experience a taste of country life. It takes skill and timing to be able to fire the shot at the right moment to hit the moving target but it is definitely lots of fun trying.

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4. Mini Highland Games

We’ve all heard of the famous Scottish Highland Games and this is a great opportunity to experience a little taste of it for yourself and your family. You can enjoy traditional and not so traditional events, making this the perfect activity for stag and hen parties¬†alike.

5. Treasure Hunts

Ideal for family fun or corporate team building exercises, treasure hunts take you far and wide across the Scottish countryside. Working as a team with your map, compass and clue list complete a series of tasks to find the hidden treasure. Featuring cryptic puzzles as well as physical and mental challenges this is a truly stimulating and entertaining experience.

Compass on a map used for a treasure hunt

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