Falconry Focus

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Summer is finally upon us, and what better way to enjoy the weather than to get out in it. Here at Absolutely Scotland, we provide many different options for team building and outdoor activities in Scotland, and one of the most exhilarating is our falconry course.

We’ve decided to piece together some information about this ancient art so you can see what you are missing out on!

What is Falconry?

Falconry is an ancient hunting method; hunting wild prey in its natural habitat using a bird of prey. The practise is said to have begun over 4,000 years ago in Mesopotamia and is still used around the world today.

In medieval times, falconry was an extremely popular practise with nobles in Europe, as it took time, money and space to pursue leading falconry to become a symbol of status. It was only due to the introduction of guns into the hunting sports that falconry declined in popularity, but was revived in the UK in the late 19th to early 20th Century.

What Birds Are Used?

There are a few birds of prey which are used in falconry which are grouped up as follows:

Longwings: Peregrine Falcons, Lanner Falcons and Gyrfalcons

Shortwings- Goshawks

Broadwings- Buzzards, Golden Eagles and Harris Hawks.

Harris Hawks are well known for successfully hunting a variety of animals; from rabbits and hares to other birds. Goshawks are particularly adept at taking down prey and have been used for hundreds of years to dispatch a whole host of different prey.

Owls can be used, but they require an entirely different training regime as they hear their prey rather than using their sight like the other raptors.

Does Falconry Help With Conservation Efforts?

Yes! In modern falconry the majority of the birds that are worked with are captive-bred birds. This allows the wild bird populations to be preserved, without taking more birds from the wild.

In the UK you can carry out hunting with captive-bred birds without any special licence, but the birds must be ringed and registered with the government.

We hope that we’ve piqued your interest in this medieval art. Here at Absolutely Scotland, falconry is just one of the activities that we have on offer for you to undertake in our beautiful country. No matter if you are wanting a falconry master-class where you get up close and personal with a barn owl or a paintball shoot out with your team, we have you covered. Want to know more? Contact us by calling 01786 359 585 today receive more details about what we have to offer at Absolutely Scotland.