The Exciting Sport of Scotland

Hunting opportunities that are both challenging and diverse
Hunting opportunities that are both challenging and diverse

Scotland is a land of mountains, moors, rivers and forests. It lies directly in the path of the Gulf Stream and enjoys a comfortable, temperate climate that belies its northerly position.

The varied terrain and weather is ideal for its wildlife which supports hunting opportunities that are both challenging and diverse. This has been recognized for many hundreds of years but it was the Victorian aristocracy that put Scottish hunting on the map and laid the foundations of the sport that we enjoy today.

Hunting in Scotland is usually available only on large privately owned estates which commit considerable resources to maintaining accessibility, breeding and stock husbandry. Much of the sport is generated by essential conservation and cropping measures which are vital to protect the various species and keep them healthy.

Locations vary from rich pasture land and woodlands – ideal for walked up and driven game shooting – to remote and isolated mountainous terrain. At certain times of the year, several locations even offer a combination of different types of game, rewarding you with a truly mixed bag at the end of your stay.

While we like to offer you a variety of game and sporting action, we never lose sight of our goal of excellence and we are always pleased to advise on how to ensure the success of your trip for every member of your party. This is echoed in our suggestions for accommodation and non-hunting activities.