Rough Shooting Scotland, Driven Hare Shooting Scotland

Driven Hare and Rough Shooting in Scotland

At Absolutely Scotland we provide some of the best Driven Hare Shooting and Rough Shooting in Scotland.

The upland moors and mountains of Scotland are home to the Mountain Hare. These animals are fast, agile and unpredictable, often cursed by their white winter coats, intended by nature as camouflage in the snow but which have just the opposite effect against a heather-clad mountainside.

This is a truly inspiring experience in the spectacular Scottish Highland scenery. Transport is provided to take the guns to the mountain tops where the hares are “driven” towards them lending to the name driven hare shooting. Generous hospitality, during and after the shoot, completes the perfect winter day of sport in the fresh upland air. Pigeon Shooting has been very good in the past few years. While shooting is mainly over decoys, it is also possible to have some shooting flighting back to roosts.

Walked-Up Rabbit Shooting is also very popular especially in conjunction with other Rough Shooting in Scotland. We also recommend Ferreting for the enthusiast who wants to “Rabbit.”

For more information on our rough shooting in Scotland and our driven hare shooting in Scotland please contact us.