Don’t Get Stuck In A Rut, Try Something New On Your Next Team Building Exercise

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Team building exercises are great to build trust and increase collaboration among employees, with companies of all sizes enjoying the benefits of team building to improve morale and increase company performance.

However, if you use the same old exercises and visit the same old places each time, you risk undoing all the good work and alienating employees instead. For example, if the twice-yearly trip to the bowling alley is seen as a chore, employees will quickly lose enthusiasm for it, which actually does more harm to building a coherent team than good.


Get Into The Great Outdoors

So when you start planning your next team building exercise, why not try something new. You could start by taking your team out of the office. Being outside helps people to relax and let their hair down. What’s more, a recent study by Stanford University found that spending just 90 minutes in the open countryside helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, with those feelings amplified for employees who work in large urban areas.

So holding your next team building exercise outdoors will give you a double whammy of improving your team’s motivation while reducing individual stress levels. Not only that, being outdoors is more fun than being stuck inside and the range of activities you can participate in is greatly enhanced.

Fill The Day With A Range Of Activities

Not all team building activities provide the same benefit, some focus on team building itself, while others focus on motivation and leadership. Remember, every member of your team brings different skills to the table. While some are good at organization, others are good at motivation, and so on.

So try to choose a range of different exercises that test your team’s ability under a number of different scenarios. That way, not only will the day be more exciting for your employees, it will give them all a chance to find out where their special skill lies. This helps build confidence in individual team members, allowing them to better contribute together as a team and it also allows you to learn more about them.

At Absolutely Scotland, we can tailor a package of outdoor activities in Scotland. These include everything from quad bike trails and 4×4 off-road driving for petrol heads, to our own version of the highland games, allowing you to pit your sales team against the customer service team to see who’s really boss. Contact us for more information or give our team a call on 01786 359 585 and we’ll help you put together a bespoke program that you and your staff will enjoy.