Deer Hunting Scotland, Stag Hunting Scotland

Hunting Scotland

Scotland’s large deer population is spread across most of the country in a variety of terrains.

HuntingScotland arranges stalking and deer hunting in Scotland, in a number of Scottish Deer Forests (the term “Forest” is a misnomer – there are rarely any trees!) and woodlands throughout most of the year, depending on the species.

Although your stalker will try to ensure that your every wish is catered for whilst stag hunting in Scotland, please remember that, at all times, he is responsible for your safety and for the ongoing management of the deer population. Accordingly, it is essential that you should comply with any instructions he may give – and his decisions are absolutely final.


Red Stag Deer Hunting in Scotland

Red Deer Stag Hunting in Scotland

Britain’s largest mammal, the Red Deer, roams its kingdom of hills, mountains and glens with no natural predator, grazing the valley floors or seeking the cooler breezes of the high tops. The harsh Highland winters are not sentimental and bring deprivation and death to the herds. The deer survive only through careful conservation measures which try to ensure the population is kept within self-sustainable levels.

The great challenge of stalking the far-ranging Red Deer Stag across the craggy mountainsides of his own domain through blazing heat or swirling mists has attracted sportsmen to the Highlands for many generations.

Deer in Scotland

Your stalker guides you across wild countryside to your stag’s favourite haunts. Settling down under the cover of boulders, heather and peat-hags, his trained eye scans the hillsides until a possible target is found. Silently, he passes the telescope to you and, if the beast is acceptable to you, he leads you to the best vantage point downwind from the deer.

Now it is up to you – although your stalker is always ready to confer and offer any helpful advice you may require. A clean shot and the sound of your rifle echoes off mountains near and far.

After a photo-shoot, the stalker will then gralloch the deer, checking the health of the carcass as he does so. It is then transported back to the hunting lodge by sturdy Highland pony, Argo-cat, four-by-four and/or sheer human strength!

Deer Stalking

On most estates, the stalker will remove and prepare any trophies that you may require.

After a dram and a long soak in a hot bath, you join the rest of the company to exchange experiences of stag hunting in Scotland until the wee small hours . . . .


red hind deer Hunting in Scotland

In recent years, conservation has demanded a higher cull of Red Deer Hinds. Often during harsh wintery conditions, this is a sport for the very fit, true sportsman who has a keen eye for the deer, avoiding the best breeding hinds and selecting out his beast from the rest of the herd.

The challenge of stalking an ever-alert herd against the sterile landscape of a  snow-covered glen is every bit as demanding and rewarding as stalking the mighty stag.


roe deer Hunting in Scotland

By contrast with its larger cousin, the Roe Deer enjoys a more civilised world, seeking cover in the woodlands of the lower ground. Perhaps because of its accessibility, Roe Deer stalking is very popular and is best at dawn or dusk. At some locations the evening stalk may include sitting in a high vantage point – usually a tower or a tree – and waiting for the Roe to appear.

HuntingScotland offers Roe Buck and Does at a variety of locations throughout Scotland, including the Central Lowlands, and, although stalking is normally by the week, a single day or two is often available.