Are you looking for corporate activities in Scotland? Do you want to spend time with work colleagues as part of your corporate activities in Scotland? If your answer is yes then your search ends here. At Absolutely Scotland we have the perfect corporate entertainment that will suit all tastes.

Absolutely Scotland has been providing corporate activities in Scotland for well over 30 years. Through our experience in delivering a fantastic range of activities we have derived a programme of events that will suit all tastes and will ensure team building, which is what our corporate activities in Scotland are designed for.

There are various activities on offer at Absolutely Scotland which you can see below. Because of the wide range of corporate activities that we offer, we can help teams build upon their strengths which they can then use when they get back to their working environment.

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Activities We Have To Offer

Offroad Vehicles at Start of Trail

Transport and Accomidation


Treasure Hunt


Team Building



Enjoy the ancient and elegant sport of archery


Caber Tossing

Mini Highland Games

Clay Pigeon Shoot

Clay Pigeon Shoots

Our instructors are amongst the very best

4×4 Offroad Driving

A quad bike trek through the countryside

Quad Bike Trecks

Fun outdoor activities in Scotland.Team spirit and self awareness are vital qualities in today’s commercial and sporting worlds.  Our team building days in Scotland provide real life challenges in both familiar and unfamiliar situations. To be truly effective, the serious underlying team development purpose is presented as fun and adventure in beautiful and exciting surroundings and,


because the events demand the problem-solving skills of the team as a whole – rather than outright individual physical strength or stamina – they are suitable for most age groups and fitness levels. Each exercise or game is managed by one of our experienced instructor to keep everyone out of trouble and ensure an enjoyable progress through the programme.

An enjoyable range of shooting action into a single dayProgrammes are flexible and designed around your specific requirements and can run from a short afternoon event to a two or three day residential course. Check out our package ideas that will show you a few combinations of our activities that range from being focused on team development days to fun activities that can be used as staff incentive or a simple thank you or a mix of both!

Absolutely Scotland Team Building days are not only a fun day out for your colleagues and staff but they also provide them with enhanced personal qualities and interactive skills.


Package Ideas

Below you will see some suggested package idea's chosen to give you an idea of how you can choose a selection of available activities to suite your needs.
If you choose one of the packages just refer to it in your Quotation form, feel free to change activities or come up with your own selection.
You're required to fill out a quotation form as prices may change depending on the amount of people.

Package idea one

Team Development

1 x Mini Highland Games
1 x Teambuilding Package
1 x Treasure Hunt

£120* pp

Package idea two

Team Reward

1 x Quad Biking
1 x Clay Pigeon
1 x Archery
1 x Tank Driving

£125* pp

Package idea three

Reward & Development

1 x Quad Biking
1 x Clay Pigeon
1 x Team Building
1 x Mini Highland Games

£160* pp

Request a quotation and quote any of the above packages or choose your own selection of activities.