Choosing the Right Activities

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Here at Absolutely Scotland, we offer a wide range of activities which are suitable for anyone to enjoy. However, different activities naturally use different skills, so choosing the right ones requires you to take into account the abilities and interests in your group.

Quick Reactions

If you want to find out who is quickest off the mark, our clay pigeon shooting in Scotland activity packages are ideal. Armed with a suitable gun (and ear defenders) you’ll compete to shoot the clay targets as they fly past, challenging your reaction speed and your accuracy. It’s a controlled activity that’s ideal for all ages, as you will have expert instructors to assist at all times.

Mind & Body

If you want a challenge that combines both physical and mental skills, why not choose one of our treasure hunts? You get a map, a compass and a clue schedule, and through a combination of cryptic clues, physical tasks and mental challenges build up the solution to a code – break the code and get the treasure! This is also an excellent activity for those who’d rather work together than compete individually for a prize.

Nature Lovers

Many of our activities take you out into the wild countryside of Scotland to experience nature. Some of our activities let you get up close and personal, such as our falconry courses in Scotland. With a range of different birds of prey and expert instructors on hand, you can learn how to handle the birds yourself – a truly magical experience for any nature lover!

A Mixed Bag

If you’ve got a lot of different skills, abilities and interests within your group, you’ll need a varied activity package to keep everybody happy. Our Mini Highland Games in Scotland is a perfect solution, with a variety of activities from caber tossing to bagpipe playing and – for adults only – the challenge of whisky drinking!

Whatever skills, abilities or interests your group may have, here at Absolutely Scotland we’re confident we’ve got an activity package to suit. For more information, or to make a booking, contact us today on 01786 359 585.