An Introduction to Clay Pigeon Shooting

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This challenging sport dates way back as early as the 1800s and is the art of shooting a firearm at flying clay targets with a great deal of concentration and accuracy. With clay pigeon shooting in Scotland being so popular in the 1860s, the Victorian men and women replaced the game birds with glass balls filled with feathers and introduced a way of throwing these balls to mimic flight and maintain the difficulty of the sport.

With shooting and hunting weekends usually being far too expensive for the working class, the introduction of the artificial target opened up the sport to many more enthusiasts and towards the end of the nineteenth century the clay target as we know it appeared. Originally, these were just used as practice until they went to the estates to shoot live birds. By 1927 there was enough interest with the sport that it saw the British Open Championship with Bobby Jones coming in first place.

Now, the sport has developed and absolutely Scotland can offer a wide range of simulated games, with the ability to hunt numerous types of ‘prey’, in realistic styled habitats. Options even include driven grouse, high pheasant, teal, rabbits and woodcock to name a few that are on offer as well as the clay targets. One of our experts will guide you through everything you need to know to have fun whilst being safe on the range and make sure you have the appropriate equipment to suit your age, skill and build. Not forgetting the all important ear defenders!

So, whether you are 9 or 90 of any gender, looking for unique hen party ideas in Scotland, or just want to try something new, clay pigeon shooting can appeal to everybody and provide an entertaining afternoon out, or could be your new favourite hobby.  Try clay pigeon shooting in Scotland with Absolutely Scotland for a day to remember.