6 Tips for the Beginner: Archery

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A day out playing archery is a fantastic outdoor activity in Scotland to not only get friends and family together but to gather co-workers too for team building in Scotland. Archery is suitable for all age groups and skill sets regardless of your past experience, so whether you are a beginner or a professional, archery is fun! To get you started on the road to a perfect shot, here are our top 6 tips.

1- Holding the Bow

To hold the bow, you will first need to find your dominant eye. Depending on which eye is, you will either hold the bow in your right hand for left eye dominant shooters or the opposite for right eye dominant shooters. The next step is making sure your elbow is pointing at the proper angle – this will help avoid injury!

2- Stance

The best stance, to begin with, is the “square stance” – it’s easy and consistent! To achieve this stance, just set your feet parallel to each other, shoulder width apart and facing around 90 degrees at your target.

3- Hand Position

Keep your hand in a forward position and let it rest gently on the web of your hand which is between your thumb and index finger. Make sure the rest of your hand is relaxed, otherwise it can get sore and holding too tightly can affect the accuracy of your target!

4- Focus

Concentration is needed to ensure the perfect shot. Once you select your specific area of the target then employ deep focus before hitting the target.

5- Relax

Deep breathing can help with this. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly before you release the bowstring. This helps calm your nerves and ensures a better aim.

6- Practice makes perfect

No one becomes a professional after one session. Keep playing and you will be hitting targets in no time. It’s also a great excuse to gather friends and family again- rematch!

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