5 Tips for the Beginner: Clay Pigeon Shooting

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An away day isn’t just perfect for a chance at team-building, it can be a fantastic opportunity for your staff to try new things and learn new skills. This is a sport that involves a pinch of natural talent and largely technique. No one hits a pigeon on their first shot, so you shouldn’t worry about that at all and simply concentrate on your technique first and foremost.

So, what are the best tips that will get your shooting pretty sharp on your first try?


1 – Discover Your Dominant Eye

Before you touch a gun, you need to decide which eye and side of your body is most comfortable for you to shoot from. Sometimes it is a simple case of right handed people having a right dominant eye and vice versa. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes you may find your dominant hand and eye to be different, in which case you should always follow your dominant eye as this gives you much more control and accuracy when shooting.

2 – Holding the Gun

Being comfortable when shooting is almost as important as being accurate. An uncomfortable shot is a bad shot, so you should attempt to hold the gun in a way that feels natural for your body. Before you take the first shot you should take the time to become comfortable holding the gun in the first place.

You should also be careful to keep the shotgun held tightly; doing so helps to reduce the bite from the kick of the gun. Holding the gun as far down the butt as your arm will extend also enables you to maintain stability.

3 – Deep Breaths

Staying calm is essential to proper form when clay pigeon shooting. Being calm helps to ensure that your shots are not delayed, as a delayed shot will cause you to miss in most cases. Don’t panic if you miss your shot either, if the pigeon starts to fall it is more advisable to simply wait for the next rather than waste a shot on a falling target.

Woman Clay Pigeon Shooting

4 – Stand Strong 

Balance is essential, as you want to be able to stay in position even when confronted by the kick of your gun. This is important as it will help you not only with that shot but also successive ones.

5 – Don’t be Scared of the Gun

A last, but important, piece of advice is to not be scared of the gun. This is perhaps the key to finding yourself the perfect shot. Fear of the gun will only dampen your experience, so overcoming this quickly is key to a good time.

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