5 Best Reasons to Visit Stirling

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Stirling is a beautiful Scottish city, considered Scotland’s heritage capital. It has seen three centuries of monarchs and it’s filled with history. Visit the Old Town for a look into old Scotland or see the magnificent countryside views from the hills. Whether you decide to stroll along the streets and visit the shops, or simply enjoy the outdoors, there are amazing attractions and sights in you can see in Stirling.

Stirling Castle

Its first written record dates to the 12th Century, seeing many famous historic events and people pass through its walls, and being the childhood home of Mary Queen of Scots, James VI, and James I. It was also the home of Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, and a military base; it remained a military depot until 1964.

Easily accessible by public transportation, the castle is located in the city centre and it contains must-see highlights like the Great Hall, the biggest banqueting hall ever built in Scotland, the Queen Anne Gardens, with a 200 year old tree, and Argyll’s Lodging, the finest 17th Century Scotland townhouse built as residence for a great nobleman.


Old Town Jail

Located near Stirling Castle, the Old Town Jail was a prison until 1888, after which it served as the only military detention barracks until 1935. Touring the Old Town Jail will allow you to experience retellings of famous prisoners like Jock Rankin, the murderer Allan Mair, and many more. The Observation Tower provides an amazing view of the Old Town and of the countryside, allowing you to take a peek at Stirling Castle, Trossachs National Park, and Holy Rude Church.


Stirling Ghostwalk

Popular for the past twenty-five years, the Stirling Ghostwalk leads tours throughout the Royal Burgh. It features Blind Alick, the Black Lady, and ‘Auld Staneybreeks’. It gives you insight into the culture, the character, and the locations of the Old Town in a mix of comedy, drama, and storytelling that will provide fun for the whole family. Make sure to bring someone along if you scare easily!


Stirling Walking Tours

If you’ve were seduced by the Ghostwalk, then the Walking Tours are your next mandatory stop! With the choice of a tour of Stirling’s Old Town by itself, or with the added Stirling Castle tour, the Walking Tours explore the cobbled streets of the Old Town and of the Castle, showing you all the secret places where the best tales of Stirling come from. The first class storytellers will make sure you come out knowing all about “the worst gaol in Britain”, and thanking all the stars in the sky you weren’t born during its time.


Quad Biking in Stirling

To continue with your adventure and adrenaline filled day, you can enjoy quad biking on the hills above Stirling, where you can see Stirling Castle and the beautiful, surrounding landscape. The 500 acre Off-Road Course is located less than ten minutes from the town centre, with five miles of Quad Trails you can enjoy. The perfect start or ending to your day, with relaxing views of Stirling that will leave you with a sense of nostalgia before you even leave Scotland.

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