4 Skills Children Practice In Archery

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If you’re planning a family holiday you may be thinking of ways to keep the children entertained. Experiencing time in the great outdoors, and away from technology, is a breath of fresh air and encourages life-long memories. As a family, archery can be a great activity to enjoy together. It’s suitable for all ages, great fun and a break from normality. There are also four valuable skills that children will practice in archery, without even realising it.

Handsome man practicing archery at the archery range

1. Focus

Archery requires discipline and focus. Children will be encouraged to block out distractions and set their sites on a specific target. A focused mind is important in many aspects of life, from education to sport, careers to relationships. Archery is a great way to train the mind to focus, while having great fun in the process.

2. Persistence

Not many people will grasp archery within the first couple of goes and so it requires persistence to get it right. Picking up and trying again is a great attitude to have and archery is fantastic proof that practice makes perfect.

3. Confidence

The importance of confidence can’t be measured and often children, like adults, can be too hard on themselves. Having low self esteem can cause a real barrier when it comes to progression both educationally and socially. Developing a new interest is a great way to boost confidence and allows children to witness themselves progress at something. This confidence is then transferable to other aspects of their life.

4. Social Skills

Many people consider archery a solo sport, but it can actually promote team spirit and social bonding. Standing side by side, as family or friends, allows children to encourage and receive support from those around them. This act of support forms deep bonds and is a great way to practice valuable social skills such as kindness, compassion and problem solving.

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